elcome to the home page for New Adult genre indie author Randall Kenneth Drake (RKD), and his award-winning suspense, action, mystery, and romance digital novel Saving The Innocents (STI). The website has been divided into the following common sense categories to further direct you. The SYNOPSIS of STI is the equivalent of the back book cover, obviously. This is the fastest, easiest way to learn about Saving The Innocents. The STI/FREE CHAPTERS page is just that: the e-novel itself, as well as the first 4 chapters of Saving The Innocents. These chapters are free for you to enjoy and share with family and friends. The GRATITUDE page contains acknowledgments from RKD of the people who aided him in one way or another into becoming an author. On the same page, directly below the Acknowledgments, are 2 sections, one for aspiring or current new artists, the other for aspiring or current new writers. Both offer insight into Randall's evolution, as both artist and writer. The ABOUT RKD page is, (naturally), a short bio. The REVIEWS and EVENTS page will show both articles and reviews of STI, along with upcoming events RKD will be attending, where and when, so you can (if you so choose) meet him in person. Finally, is the section entitled WHY STI?, located on the SYNOPSIS page, directly below the SYNOPSIS itself. This contains the story behind the story, which shows just how Saving The Innocents is different from most e-fiction in the internet marketplace, and what makes STI so unique.

Enjoy yourself. Get both lost and found in the world of Mary Jane Chevalier, the damaged, lovable, and powerful heroine of Saving The Innocents.

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