Reviews (excerpts)

MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW---Diane Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer The first striking thing to note about Saving the Innocents is its attention to detail and description, which capture powerful images with a pen finely honed by the moment . . . Saving the Innocents is all about courage, strength, and personal effort . . . and thus will resonate with readers looking for positive stories about courage and determination in the face of impossible odds . . . Now, some notes on this novel's unusual roots: they were inspired by . . . the songs of Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow. It was McLachlan's music that prompted a flood of inspiration . . . and it was Morisette's song 'Mary Jane' . . . combined with Crow's lyrics in 'Am I Getting Through' which both contributed to the character of Mary Jane Chevalier. Listen to this music for further insights into that protagonist and her origins - at the risk of gaining advance insights into where the plot is going. In fact - listening to the music of all three as background to reading provides a kind of multimedia experience . . . It's unusual to find a strong female heroine in a novel but Mary Jane IS that heroine . . . any looking for a novel that wraps its reader in a cloak of complexity and warmth will find Saving the Innocents filled with satisfying twists, turns, and protagonist interactions that create scenarios of understanding, connection and, ultimately, redemption. Full Review Donovan's Bookshelf The New Book Review THE U.S. REVIEW OF BOOKS---John E. Roper Mary Jane, the heroine of Drake's gripping digital novel, remains deeply wounded . . . However, instead of being weakened by the experience, she has become stronger . . . She is driven by two things: first, a desire to help others she encounters who are helpless or suffering and, second, to somehow find the father . . . The author weaves all three storylines into a suspenseful plot filled with action, pathos, heartbreak, and love. Unlike so many independently published e-books, Drake's shows the marks of painstaking craftsmanship . . . The extra effort has paid off. This novel is fast-paced and entertaining from beginning to end. Full Review US Review of Books LUXURYREADING.COM---Shannon Trenton Rating: 5/5 stars After an exciting beginning, the narrative pace slows for number of expository chapters. However, the build-up is necessary to understand the central plot lines and offers some details that prove to be critical toward the end. Readers who stay committed . . . will be well rewarded as the story unfolds to a riveting conclusion. Saving the Innocents is an engaging story with dynamic characters and an inspiring message with which most readers can identify . . . I am certain that readers of nearly any genre could easily enjoy this wonderful book. Full Review LuxuryReading THE INDIEREADER---K.J. Pierce Author Randall Kenneth Drake has created a strong and compelling tale that examines the theme of innocence and what happens when that innocence is lost . . . Drake has done a fantastic job of crafting characters that are multi-faceted and plausible with not a one-dimensional stereotype in sight. None of the characters are wholly bad or wholly good regardless of whether they're the hero(ine) or the villain, and their backstories are woven through the text so it's understood how they arrived at their current place in life. Full Review